Excerpts-Adrian Plitzco

Excerpts-Adrian Plitzco

Pirate - The barking Kookaburra

by Adrian Plitzco

A charming tale of a baby kingfisher bird called Pirate who encounters three dogs and a cat. His love for fun turns their live upside down. As their friendship develops they pretend they are all pirates searching for buried treasure. But at the same time, the dogsí survival skills and the catís wisdom take Pirate on a journey that changes his life completely. They teach him many important things in life, including how to laugh. Pirate grows up. He learns to stand up for himself, to overcome fear and to care for his loved ones.

"Emotionally stirring, heart-grabbing plot"

For children from 4 to 11


76 pages.
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127 pages. 20 Black & white illustrations.

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Dramatized narration by Annie Phelan, Eva Spiesberger and more.
Total Playing Time 2 hours 24 minutes.
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"OMG, this is such an awesome book!"
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